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Business Insider
The 35-year-old founder of Bustle and Bleacher Report reportedly just bought Gawker.com for $1.35 million, and Hulk Hogan is entitled to a cut of the sale
The defunct gossip blog Gawker has a new owner.
Bryan Goldberg, who founded Bustle and Bleacher Report, put in the winning $1.35 million bid for Gawker.com in an auction held Thursday in Manhattan, the New York Post reported.
Gawker shuttered in August 2016 after a lawsuit filed by Hulk Hogan and funded by Peter Thiel bankrupted its publisher, Gawker Media.
Hogan is entitled to as much as 45% of the sale price, the Observer reported. 

Nearly two years after a legal battle with Hulk Hogan ...

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